Tuesday, 29 January 2013


Today 29th January is Laura's birthday. She is 4,000 miles away in North Carolina so here are a few pictures of Laura & Emily down the years - sisters together or "tisters" as Emily always used to say.
No more words required.....



  1. Dear Sheron,

    My name is Daiane Goulart. I Study BA (hons) Design in Products and Interaction at Ravensbourne College of Design and Comunication. I am writing to you to speak about Emily. I am designing an Interactive Radio (sort of 'Radio Drum' with interactive music and games) as my final project for this term at University.
    My User group is Special Children. A lot of research has been already done about Down Syndrome. The product is been developed and a few changes need to be added, such as colours, set of bottons and handle.
    I am mostly interested about her motore coordination, in how Rosie reacts to music and colours.
    Therefore, I am looking for ways to expand my vision about how I could make this product better. I would like to kindly ask if we could have a chat via e-mail or Skype.
    The outcome of this short experience could be beneficial for both of us. I will also have to provide feedback to my University group about my progress, a process which would expand our knowledge; becoming better students, better interns and ultimately better designers.

    E-mail: d.massuchin@students.rave.ac.uk
    My University website: www.rave.ac.uk

    Thank you for your time, I look forward to your reply.

    Kind Regards,

  2. My apologises for the wrong name I typed, Rose, instead of Emily. Rosie is one special girl who is part of the project as well.