Wednesday, 29 January 2014

Soggy Sunday

Unusually we came up with the same thought for a day out, "Let's go to Whitby, we've not been there for ages."

That was ages ago so you can imagine our determination to fulfil on a long awaited day out even though the weatherman said it was going to huff and puff, and blow and snow, and rain and pour and heaven knows what else - plagues of locusts, frogs and seven years of famine I think they said.

So off we set, our hearts set and mouths drooling at the thought of probably the best fish and chips you could ever imagine (if you've not been to Whitby you're missing a trick). Well we'd not even made our first mile along a soggy dual carriageway before we realised that this was not going to be a pleasant journey and if the weather was as bad further north we were going to be making a big mistake. I looked at Sheron, Sheron looked at Laura, Laura looked at Mac, Mac looked at Emily and Emily looked like she couldn't care less quite frankly - she'd got her iPod - we could have been driving to the edge of Narnia and she wouldn't have batted an eyelid!

So we made a quick decision not to head north but to head for the woods - we'd planned a day out and we were jolly well going to have one come hell or high water......high water looked the more likely of those two it has to be said. "Let's go to Sherwood Forest." So we did. Thankfully not a lot on the road as most sensible folk were still in their dressing gowns, drinking tea, eating bacon butties and reading the Sunday papers. But not us. Oh no, we don't do things like that on a Sunday morning (see previous post).

As we stumbled into the gift shop at the visitor centre, dripping wet from walking 50 yards from the car park, we got chatting to June, the lady behind the counter. June was probably 60 something, very jolly and ready to sell any unsuspecting family a Robin Hood bow and arrow set before you could say "Little John". Unfortunately for June the only sales she was going to make from us was 4 mars bars and a Kendal Mint Cake (I figured this was an expedition and we needed supplies). There was nobody else in sight so June got stuck in, telling us about all the adventures she'd had at the visitor centre.

She told us how, a few years ago, a young Mexican lady, Maria, arrived at a Sherwood Forest event asking to see Russell Crowe. Maria had come all the way from Mexico specifically for this. Poor June had to explain that Russell wasn't around today but she felt so sorry for Maria that she gave up a few days and took her round the local tourist hot spots. That's what I love about Britain. If we could replicate June's generosity the world would be a much better place. No doubt Maria is back home in Guadalajara re-telling the same tale of how she was treated like a Queen by Russell Crowe's mother!

The rain never stopped. Not that that would stop Emily. She walked and sang all the way round the forest. She loves the rain. Always has. She'd come home from school some days and take her coat off and go and stand and dance in the rain in the back garden. That's how I want to live; being totally me and just not caring what anyone else thinks. There's so much we can learn.

Now, what's the weather forecast for Whitby next week?....................

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