Monday, 30 June 2014

Who knows where the time goes?

I'm not sure quite where to start, it's been such a long time. So much has happened and is still happening but I thought I'd better at least let all you lovely people know we're still here, not dropped off the planet, just busy with all sorts of stuff, as I know many of you are too, so thanks for taking the time to give this a quick shufti (it's a real word - I looked it up and everything!).

Oh for the life that the Righteous Brothers sang of in Unchained Melody "...and time goes by so slowly..." Yeah! Right! (vinyl record scratches to a stop) ......And before you start asking who the heck are the Righteous Brothers when everyone knows it was done by Robson & Jerome, just look it up on Google - it's been done by everyone from Elvis to Jimmy Young, Barry Manilow to U2!

Anyway I digress.

Time does NOT go by so slowly, it goes by so flippin' quickly I can't believe Emily is nearly 22 (as she reminds us daily), so enjoy the moments pop-pickers, enjoy every day and cherish the memories. "Who knows where the time goes" by Eva Cassidy (and others but let's not start that again) is more like the tune playing in my head on a regular basis.

So what have we been doing? Lot's actually. Things we've been up to but not told you about yet include:
  • Emily and me being on BBC Radio Sheffield with Andy Crane (if you're young enough you'll remember him from the broom cupboard with Ed the Duck)
  • Emily being bridesmaid at her big sister's wedding in America!
  • Emily discovering that she's going to be an auntie (she's excited about that one)
  • Emily starting independent travel training
  • Emily doing a voluntary work placement in a charity shop
  • Emily passing her Stage 4 Musical Theatre exam
  • Emily getting to the end of her 3rd year at college
I hope that as Emily and I come to tell her story a bit more, you are encouraged by what you hear. I appreciate that there are a lot of people who read these words whose children are much younger than Emily. I want to let you know that there is a world of possibility out there if only we are prepared to help the rest of society understand and lift the limits.

The other thing we all need to remember is that different schools, colleges, clubs, societies, etc are only as good as the leaders who lead them. It's not even about one part of the country being better than another - it all comes down to people. So I say let's influence the influencers. Go to the top, head for those in positions of authority because everything rises and falls on leadership.

Anyway, enough of this for now. I will get round to telling you more about some of these things above over the next few months. The wedding was a particularly memorable event and Emily gave a superb speech as sister of the bride (look she's always been a pioneer and a trailblazer so if she wants to give a speech who in their right mind is going to try and stop her!). I'll let you know about that one soon. In the meantime here's a picture of Emily with her sister Laura and new (American) brother-in-law Mac.

Bye for now,


  1. Many many many congratulations are due in your house Paul! Glad you are all well and thank you for linking to TeamT21. H x

  2. Great post and big congrats to you and Emily on new son/brother in law and the baby that on the way. So much to be excited for. Thank you for sharing :) #TeamT21