Sunday, 24 August 2014

All About Emily

The great thing about people in the public eye saying negative things about Down's syndrome is that it gives a great platform for us to help change perceptions by posting positive comments, articles, photo's, etc and this has been done so well by the Down's Syndrome community over the past few days.

It's incredible that this community is almost like a family. We care for another, we support one another, we encourage one another. Yet not only are we are in different parts of the UK, we are in different parts of the world, united by a common desire to make the world a better place for people with Down's syndrome and their families.

One day I'm going to get Emily to do a blog post and let her say what she likes (what is life if you can't take a few risks?) but first I wanted to show how Emily is no different in so many ways to anyone else. How could I do that? Well I thought I'd interview her. Just a series of quick fire questions for her to answer to give a brief insight into her life, her likes and dislikes, her hopes and dreams. So here's what she said. I hope it helps build up a picture of Emily, my beautiful daughter. 

Name: Emily Rosie

Age: 22

Birthday: 12th August

Brothers: Matthew and Mac (brother in law)

Sisters:  Laura & Kerry (sister in law)

Home town: Bramley

Education: Hilltop & Rotherham College

Qualifications: GCSE – cooking, drama & PE

Work experience: Previously been a retail assistant at Mothercare and Spar. I'm going to be working in the office at a local special school and have just agreed to be a specialist disability consultant for YMCA

Boyfriend: Jono (5 years)

Food heaven: Quiche & chips

Food hell: Parsnips

Favourite band or singer: The Saturdays

Favourite hobbies: Swimming, reading, listening to music

TV heaven: Embarrassing bodies, Waterloo Road, One Born Every Minute

TV hell: Family guy

Favourite film: Mean girls, High school musical, Sleepless in Seattle

Favourite holiday destination: Cornwall

Where in the world would you like to visit: Australia

If you could choose 4 people to invite to a party who would they be (alive, dead or fictional)? Mel C, Katy Perry, Princess Fiona from Shrek, Will Schuster from Glee

Who / what makes you laugh? Harry Hill’s TV Burp

Who / what makes you cry? Romantic films

Ambitions: Be in a newspaper, ride a pony, get married, live in my own house, have a job working in the kitchens and do health and safety

Tell us something funny about your family I like to get my Dad to pretend to be a pussy cat and do meowing and purring


  1. Yea Emily! Maybe someday we'll cross the ocean (or you're welcome here) and celebrate a two day birthday party (mine's the 11th).
    LEO's can be hard to live with, but worth every moment, or so I'm told. :)

    1. We'll all get together at some point Mardra I'm sure of that. Can't wait :)

  2. This fab post has reminded me to send a list of questions to Emily for a DSU interview. Now, when do get get to see the miaowing and purring Paul?!

    1. Yes, Hayley we must get around to that. I'm a champion at cat noises!! ;)

  3. I love your blog as it's so inspiring and refreshingly normal!My little one is 3 now and just started preschool. She's not going to let anything hold her back!

    1. Thank you so much for your comment, that's really kind.
      You have a great attitude and because of that nothing will hold your daughter back - go for it! :)

  4. I love this! Emily and I would get on well - she sounds a lot like me. I'm 28 :-) if you're ever in Cardiff, lets all meet!!! :-)