Thursday, 13 November 2014

The Door of Ignorance

It’s so sad when we live our lives refusing to allow others to help us. There are all kinds of reasons why this may be - our upbringing, our culture, perhaps pride or maybe we don’t want to be in anyone’s debt. It’s easier to live in ignorance where there is no responsibility, no accountability, no reason to get up and every excuse you can think of.

However, when we refuse help we only hurt ourselves and our families. Living with someone in our family who has a learning disability can be extremely challenging. We can sometimes sink into a dark pit, a world where we are consumed only by ourselves, our problems, our challenges. Surely nobody else understands, right?

When Opportunity, Education, Hope and Possibility come knocking please open the door. They come in the form of really rather lovely people who would love to see you thrive, flourish and prosper.

Even the darkness in the darkest of rooms is dispelled by the light of one candle. One candle, one knock on the door, one phone call, one friendly chat over the garden fence, one letter from someone who cares, one tweet of encouragement, one kindly Facebook message, one kind word.

There is power in one act of kindness.

So if you are struggling, if you are refusing help, refusing to acknowledge there’s even anything which needs help, open the door. For when we open the door Ignorance will leave as Opportunity, Education, Hope and Possibility enter in.

If you are in a good place and your light is shining bright, take the candle to someone else. Light their room. Let your light shine.

The Door of Ignorance

(Knock, knock, knock) Hello, can anyone hear me?
Can you please switch on the light?
I’ve been locked in here for ages
Are you up this time of night?

(Thud, thud, thud) Hey you, I know you’re listening!
Would you please unlock the door?
I’m tired of feeling helpless
Need to get up off this floor

(Thump, thump, thump) Come on, you can’t ignore me
I’m the voice inside your head
Won’t you listen to what I’m saying?
Won’t you hear the things I’ve said?

(Crash, crash, crash) Yoohoo, I’ll never be silent
So the torment will go on and on
You’ll hear me and still you’ll ignore me
And find others to blame your life on

I’m your friend, I’m your light, I am with you
Your sun will rise with the dawn
There is help, there is hope, there is healing
(tap, tap, tap) Is there anyone home?


  1. Wonderful post Paul. The perfect gracious answer to those who have struggled, found it hard to accept and who display bitterness.
    Hayley x

  2. Thank you Hayley. That's amazing coming from you x