Friday, 21 November 2014

The Road to Progress

Once upon a time there were three trolls that lived under a bridge. Their names were Ignorance, Intolerance and Indifference. The three trolls were very stubborn. They refused to let anyone pass over their bridge, knowing that the road to Progress passed through the towns of Education, Awareness, Compassion and Discovery.

The trolls would do anything to stop anyone from travelling along the road. They would use all kinds of tricks – lies dressed up as truth, bigotry dressed up as scientific knowledge and so on and so forth. Often Indifference would invite so many of his friends along to just stand on the bridge, going in neither one direction nor the other, that nobody could actually pass, in fact nobody could see that the road led anywhere at all.

So many times weary travellers would get as far as the bridge, be deceived by the tricks of the three trolls and turn back. Time and again, the same travellers would arrive here, only to be thwarted. Every time their energy decreased. This was the road upon which Motivation had been lost more times than anywhere else. It seemed that one moment the sun was shining but the next there was a thick fog, where any traveller could lose all sense of direction and purpose. Indeed the road to Progress seemed to be a very hard road to navigate.

One day two new friends were travelling along the road and there they met a third standing at a crossroads wondering which way to turn. “Where are you going?” they asked. “I’m not sure” said the third traveller. “I had intended to keep going along the road to Progress but I keep being stopped by Intolerance and Ignorance. Every time I end up back here down the road at Frustration or sometimes I wallow in Discouragement – places I’ve been to many times before.”

“Why don’t you come with us?” they said. “My name is Hope and this is Expectation – what’s your name?”

“Aspiration” said the third traveller. "I really want to get on the road to Progress but just when I get passed Ignorance and I get passed Intolerance, I just can’t overcome Indifference."

“I know what you mean” said Hope. Indifference is the greatest enemy of anyone on the road to Progress. I’ve met so many people along this road and they all say how Ignorance can be challenged and beaten by Understanding, Intolerance can be defeated by the twins Grace and Forgiveness but they all say how hard it is to get beyond Indifference.”

So the three friends set off together – they’d only just met but it seemed like they’d known each other forever. Along the way they met others who joined them on their journey – their names were Encouragement, Strength, Determination, Courage and Tenacity. With every step Love was bonding the travellers together. Hope was shining in each of their eyes. Expectation seemed to have grown beyond all possibility. Determination and Tenacity just kept on going no matter what they encountered. Courage had enough cloaks to cover everyone’s fears. These friends, this army marched on together. Every small step seemed like a leap forward.

As they approached the bridge Aspiration chuckled. He could already see that Future was in the distance on the other side of the bridge, along with Possibility and Potential. Their pace quickened. The friends ran towards the bridge. Ignorance and Intolerance were soon overwhelmed. Indifference and his legion of followers wandered around aimlessly not caring one way or the other where they went. They formed what appeared to be an impregnable barrier. The friends kept bouncing off Indifference and his army. Surely there would be no way to get through. The fight went on and on all day and all night until Determination and Tenacity along with Encouragement and Persistence opened up the way for the friends to storm passed the all of the trolls to the other side.

The battle was won, for now. It wasn’t long Wisdom and Discernment whispered in the ears of Perspective to pass on to the friends that the road to Progress has many bridges, many trolls, many twists and turns and bumps and diversions. Sometimes the climb is so steep you lose your momentum and start to slip back. Sometimes the way is so slippy you lose control.

But as long as the friends moved forward together they knew they could endure and even learn to enjoy the journey on the road to Progress.


  1. Ah yes! That indifference troll has been plaguing me lately! Thank you for this!