Saturday, 14 March 2015


Who, here on earth, could possibly compare to a mum caring for her children?
She is the most revered of women
She deserves a place of honour in her household
And a place of respect in her community

She has no concept of what it means for her hands to be idle
Her thoughts are forever on tomorrow’s diary, packed lunches, appointments
She is forever planning, creating, preparing
Always thinking, watching, caring

She is worth more than diamonds, emeralds, sapphires and gold
More beautiful than a golden sunset in the western sky
More determined than any Atlantic wave that crossed the ocean to pound the Cornish shore
More gentle than a feather floating on the wind

There is nothing she would not do to get the best for her children
And for this she pays a heavy cost
She is tired, she is weary; she gets angry and frustrated
She is easily bruised but she is never beaten – ever!

This mum is the very cornerstone of society; a hero, a pillar, a rock
She deserves far more than she receives, yet still gives, gives, gives
In return for her toil she receives a grateful smile
And her heart melts

Thank God for the mum caring for her children
She lives on through every generation
Her influence, her life, her love always close

She is near, she is dear, she is you…

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