Saturday, 21 May 2016

I love nature

Today I have a very special guest post from none other than Emily herself! 

We were out walking at a local country park this afternoon and half way round Emily started telling us how much she loves nature. It was brilliant but I had no way of capturing what she was saying. So I asked her to remember this moment and when we got home to write down her thoughts. And she did.

It's by far the best post ever to feature on this blog. It's completely unedited, except for one or two minor spelling corrections. I am as proud as can be. There are no mistakes, scribbles, re-writes, etc in Emily's notebook - these are her thoughts as she thought them.

Let me know what you think. How does it make you feel?

I love nature by Emily Critchlow

I love nature because

I have faith in myself








And see the beauty in nature is all about building up my life

And fashion of fresh air and freedom

I see the water glistening around me

And I hear myself laughing

And picture this

I feel blessed

That God offer me wonder and beautiful

For me

To open up at the stars and planets and fill me with smiles

And I am perfect with it

It makes me feel proud again

It feels so much and my dreams come true to be me

And anyway I like rainbows

Thank you Lord xx


  1. Lots of love to you too Emily, amazing true open honest words, straight from your heart to ours. 46 chromosomes have a lot to learn from those with a bit extra! Colette x

  2. Wonderful Emily ~ thank you ~ made me remember how blessed we are that God loves us.

  3. This is so lovely. We should all have her sense of wonder, appreciation, and of being blessed.

  4. That is absolutely beautiful. Emily, you're very talented! xxx

  5. A lump on my throat Emily. So very beautiful and wise, thank you. Hayley x