Saturday, 11 March 2017

My Feral Heart

How do you like your movies? Are you the type of person who likes the crash bang wallop of big budget special effects with epic battle scenes of monumental proportions? I’ve got to say they are not my cup of Darjeeling. I’m much more of a sucker for good old fashioned storytelling. I like a film that makes me think, something that is emotionally stimulating, a film that asks my imagination to fill in some of the blanks.

That’s why when I saw My Feral Heart it ticked all of the boxes I want in a film.

If you haven’t seen it yet I want to challenge you, as you read the last line of this blog post, to follow the link you’ll find there and book in to see it. You won’t get another chance. It’s not on general release, it’s available one more time in selected cinemas to celebrate World Down Syndrome Day and you have to book in advance by Sunday 12th March! (with apologies if you’re reading this on Dave or On Demand after that date!)

One of the UK’s top film critics, Mark Kermode, made it one of his top UK independent films of 2016. Watch a short clip of him talking about it here *SPOILER ALERT*

What makes the film fascinating for me is the lead actor is a man with Down’s syndrome, Steven Brandon. He plays the part of Luke exceptionally well – you will not believe this is his first film. He was nominated in the leading actor category  of the BIFA film awards alongside Hollywood heavyweights like Michael Fassbender! Just incredible!

Steven Brandon proving to me his lion tattoo was for real!

You can read more about My Feral Heart on the website here but PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE, do yourself a favour and book in to see this film now – there are 50 screenings planned across the UK next week and they will only go ahead if enough people book in to see it. Why not buy a ticket for you AND someone else then take them along as part of raising positive awareness of people with Down's syndrome. If you belong to, or help run, a local Down's syndrome support group, why not buy a bunch of tickets and give them away to make sure that the screening happens AND again raising awareness. £1 from the sale of every ticket goes to the Down's Syndrome Research Foundation in aid of Don't Screen Us Out.

Get involved! You won't regret it I promise! Even if you're usually a big budget, battle scene kinda cinema goer, try this and if you don't like it you can come over to mine and I promise to watch the whole of Bored of the Rings with you! (yawn)...

Here's a little trailer for this beautiful film!

I have so much more to say about My Feral Heart, including the inside story straight from the mouths of Jane Gull (Director), Duncan Paveling (writer) and James Rumsey (Producer) but I want you to go and see the film first!

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